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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay?

Every action has a reaction and this principle is applicable in all walks of life. For instance, if you start writing a topic especially on cause and effect essay without an outline or plan, or research in place then the result will be unsatisfactory. If you work hard and do extensive research then you will be able to write a good paper or essay and you will score good grades. 

What is the Cause and Effect essay?

Cause & effect essay is an academic document where facts, events, or actions occur or happen and lead to a particular result. The connection between reason and result is described in the essay.

There are majorly three kinds of cause & effect essay:

  1. One cause and multiple results: It has to be a descriptive essay that shows the relation between every ‘one cause and one effect’ at a time.
  2. Multiple causes and one result: Break down your essay and explain every cause in detail.
  3. Chain of cause & effects: In a chain, you must cover each cause and its effect. 

How To Write A Cause & Effect Essay Effectively?

Choosing a topic of cause and effect essay is tricky. You need to make sure that your topic has the cause and effect scope to cover. The best approach is to choose something where you can contribute to your research and experience. You must invest some time before choosing a topic. Analyze how much you can cover within the topic.

For getting ready with an outline, you must collect all your research. Once you have chosen your topic, explore the Internet resources, papers by credible authors and organizations, and note down all the facts and literature. Make sure you have them ready with you before you outline the essay. This way you will what all you can cover within or make a list of subtopics.

The introduction is the place where you lay your groundwork or build a foundation to base your thesis statement. So start with an interesting fact that is relevant to your topic and draw the attention of your readers. The introduction is where you introduce the topic you have chosen and give a little jist about why chose it.

Here is the place where you mention your idea or concept and give a hint of cause and effect. The thesis is the most important part of the essay and therefore you should be clearer on it so that your readers are convinced.

  • Explain Correlation in Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are where you explain the correlation and support it with references. You can also make use of different processes or methods to show the correlation such as statistical data, related Internet-based researches, quotes from credible sources, and situation modeling, etc. Add logical claims so that your readers consider it as valuable information and not read it because you persuaded them to.

If there are multiple causes or multiple effects then make sure you make a smooth switch while explaining. If it is disconnected then your readers will be lost. Essays like these can be complicated hence you should keep your explanation as simple as possible.

The conclusion is all about summarizing your work. All the points you have made and all the cause and effect you have explained in your cause and effect essay make sure you share a summary of it in conclusion. The different ways of ending an essay are asking your audience a related question or leaving your thoughts for readers or asking for suggestions or feedback on your essay etc. Most of the readers read the introduction and skip the middle body to read the conclusion. Thus, if you have an interesting conclusion you can hold on to your audience longer.


The best way to build a high-quality cause & effect essay is by reading others’ work and seeing how they have placed their causes and explain the correlation with effects. Make sure your thesis statement is strong and you have some hard-hitting facts for your audience in the introduction. The body of the essay is your writing arena where you can put out all the information that you have. 

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