Is EssayBox Scam? Deep Analysis Reveals the Truth

essaybox review

In today’s fast-paced world, where people are constantly burdened with numerous daily tasks and limited time, digital writing services have emerged as a convenient solution, particularly for students who struggle to find time for their college assignments.

Our experts in exposing fraudulent writing services online, recently came across a service called EssayBox. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of whether is a scam or a legitimate organization. It will assess the quality of their work, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of their service, and ultimately determine their credibility.

Website Design and Usability

The website has a fairly modern and user-friendly design. All the links and buttons on the website are functional, and it is also optimized for mobile and tablet devices, allowing users to place urgent orders from anywhere in the world. Based on the website’s design, it would be premature to label as a scam.

Types of Services

EssayBox offers a wide range of services, catering to various types of academic papers regardless of subject or complexity. Some of the most popular services they provide include essays of any type, application essays, research papers, term papers, case studies, coursework, and over fifty other types. This diversity of services suggests that EssayBox genuinely assists students with a wide array of college work. Typically, fraudulent companies do not invest in offering such a variety of services.

Prices and Fees

The pricing structure of EssayBox is transparent, as displayed in their pricing table. The prices may vary depending on the type of essay ordered. Their pricing calculator provides accurate estimates, and the prices, although not the cheapest in the market, are affordable and within the normal range for this niche. Hence, it is unfounded to claim that EssayBox engages in scams or fraudulent practices.


essaybox pricing

EssayBox asserts that they have clear policies and solid guarantees in place to ensure customer satisfaction. Their terms and conditions, as well as their policies, support this claim. They offer a money-back guarantee in specific cases, such as accidental double payments, with refunds typically processed within 1-20 days. In a personal interaction with their customer support service, Jeremy successfully received a refund within 4 days for a double-paid order. These fair policies refute any allegations of EssayBox being a scam.

Ordering Process

I decided to place an order with to evaluate their ordering process. The process was seamless, requiring the selection of paper requirements, such as academic level, deadline, and additional options. After providing the necessary information and making the payment, the service promptly assigned a writer to the task. Notably, I received my papers two days before the deadline, indicating that EssayBox does meet delivery deadlines, unlike typical scam services.

Customer Service

The customer support at EssayBox was responsive and friendly. They promptly addressed Jeremy’s request for a refund for a double-paid order and assured him that the refund would be processed soon. Their multiple communication channels, including email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Live Chat, facilitate quick and efficient customer service.

Paper Quality

Upon receiving the papers before the deadline, Jeremy assessed their quality and checked for plagiarism. The content was found to be 100% original, and there were no grammar errors. The geology coursework, which Jeremy ordered, was thoroughly covered, demonstrating the high quality of the work. Based on this experience, it is evident that does not engage in scam practices.

Online Reputation

EssayBox enjoys a generally positive online reputation, with an average rating of 4.75/5 stars from users. Most comments about the service are affirmative and optimistic. While there are some negative comments alleging EssayBox as a scam, these could potentially be paid by competitors. Additionally, EssayBox openly shares customer reviews and provides links to various rating websites, emphasizing transparency in their operations.

essaybox reviews

Offers and Extra Services

As a legitimate company, EssayBox offers various incentives to engage more users. While not all offers are listed in the article, they provide a range of special deals for customers to choose from. Interested individuals can visit to explore these offers in detail.

Pros and Cons

Some notable advantages of EssayBox include a user-friendly website, friendly customer support, high-quality papers, numerous special offers, and timely delivery. On the downside, they may not have the cheapest prices, but they remain affordable.


Based on my extensive interaction and experience with EssayBox, it is concluded that the service is not a scam. EssayBoxpresents itself as a trustworthy and legitimate company, delivering high-quality papers to customers within the agreed-upon deadlines. They offer transparent policies, solid guarantees, and have received positive reviews from satisfied customers. If one is struggling with coursework, it is recommended to consider ordering from

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