The University of Adelaide’s Study Tour Policy

The University of Adelaide's Study Tour Policy

When preparing for your study tour, you must ensure you meet the University of Adelaide’s criteria. This document outlines the application process, Criteria for Approval, Fees and Deadlines. Study tours are an opportunity for students to participate in an international experience while on a study tour. The University of Adelaide’s Study Tour Policy can be found here. Read this information carefully before applying. Make sure you understand all aspects of the application process, including:

University of Adelaide’s policy on study tours

Interested in attending the University of Adelaide but are unsure of the policy on study tours? Study tours are an excellent way to experience the culture of another country while completing your studies at the University of Adelaide. You’ll be able to engage in any cultural activity, attend lectures from fellow students and see famous sights just as locals do. This policy will help you decide if a study tour is right for you.

You may be interested in pursuing a major in business, for example, but are unsure if a study tour is right for you. Study tours can include on-campus lectures and projects that challenge students to think flexibly, strategically, and innovatively. In addition to these, they give students the chance to get a better understanding of the different types of business majors. Some study tours include industry visits to the university’s various campuses and businesses.

Criteria for approving a study tour application

When applying for a study tour, faculty should be sure to include three numbers in their proposal: the minimum number of students expected to participate, the number of students expected to enroll, and the maximum number of students that can attend the study tour. After consulting with the CIP, faculty should be sure to submit the appropriate numbers when submitting their application. Once approved, study tour arrangements can begin. The deadline to apply for a study tour is February 15.

The minimum enrollment level for a study tour must be achieved two quarters before the scheduled departure date. Failure to reach this number will result in the study tour being cancelled, resulting in heavy financial penalties for the University. The best way to increase your chances of reaching the enrollment threshold is to advertise the study tour effectively. In addition to using the proper advertising, the application must be presented to faculty and staff in the appropriate format.

Fees for a study tour

In case of successful applications, students must pay programme fees. Fees are calculated according to the number of participants in a group. When the number of participants exceeds the programme capacity, students are responsible for the headcount. Students will bear surcharges if required. Apart from the study tour application fee, successful applicants must submit a valid passport, ID card, and visa. Supporting documents are also required. The fees cover the cost of accommodation and training.

Students can choose a start date and an end date. They must choose dates that coincide with course start and end dates. A tour cannot start before or after the course. Moreover, the start and end dates should coincide with the day on which the student expects to leave the United States and return to it. Tours typically last from one to four weeks. However, faculty can organize any duration. However, the number of study tours must be within the maximum duration of the course.

Deadlines for submitting a study tour application

If you are a student or recent graduate who has studied abroad, you may wish to apply for a study tour to Europe. These tours provide an excellent opportunity to experience the culture of another continent and gain first-hand knowledge about its people and history. Some study tours even offer internships, which you can find out more about on their website. You must submit an application before the deadline. The deadline for submission of a study tour application is 25 August 2017.

To apply for a study tour, you must submit an application to the Center for International Programs, a part of the University of Arizona. Depending on your desired travel time, you may apply during the spring semester or fall semester, depending on when you plan to travel. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will be able to take the study tour. The CIP will let you know if you have been accepted and what the next steps are.

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